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Our story began on August 1, 2017. A group of people (Sean M., Grim, Redd, Bruce, TechMike and Sphibbie) defected from Mayfair County Role-Play in an attempt to create a more exciting and realistic role-play experience for all.

Sean M. resigned from his co-director position in early September of 2017 due to a disagreement with the rest of the staff team of the community.

Bruce resigned from his assistant director position in early December of 2017 due to a disagreement with another community staff member.

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FRTRP Factions

FRTRP consists of four factions, or sub-divisions. Members may be a part of multiple factions if they meet the appropriate requirements. The factions are as follows:

Communication: This consists of the Communications Department, which handles all dispatching.

Law Enforcement Officer: This consists of the city-based Los Santos Police Department, the county-and-sometimes-city-based Blaine County and Los Santos County Sheriff's Offices, the state-wide San Andreas Highway Patrol and the hand-picked state-wide San Andreas State Police.

Humanitarian Service: This consists of two state-wide programs, the San Andreas Fire Department and San Andreas Medical Response.

Civilian Operations: This consists of the Civilian Department.

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